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Dhruvik Patel

Founder of Brain Bean Technolabs

Basic Information

Date of Birth: 07 Nov, 1994
Gender: Male
Languages: English, Gujarati, Hindi
Occupation: Founder At Brain Bean Technolabs
Address: 14,Radhika Park,Jitodia Road,Anand,Gujrat.

About Me

My Objective is to Develop Products and Make Maximum use of Technology in daily life of normal people to reduce their work in affordable cost.

My Expertise

  • Internet Of Things

    Full Stack Developement of Hardware and Software for IOT.

  • Reserch and developement

    Making Customized Hardware And Softwere based on Image Proccesing,Artificail Inteligence,Embeded Programing,Cloud Computing.

  • Web Application

    According To Need Of Industry/Client Develope Customized Web Application.




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